Reviews from our first show!

It was one of the best shows I've ever seen.
It is up there with Paul McCartney and Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was that good.
- Carl Fritch -

Thank you for this amazing event!
- Celeste Eggert (The Road Home Organization) -

Christmas jam was THE BEST experience of the season! To all who participated GREAT JOB!!!
I am so in the spirit now, I even put marshmallows in my coffee this morning. Seriously, thank you.
I had tears in my eyes and even the grinch gave me the chills... cant wait till next year!

- Lynor Johnson -

The Grinch rocked it!
- Tracey Langenbacker -

WE loved it so much... you all did such a good job!!! we were talking today wishing we could go again!!
- Toni Hasson -

What a great show!!!
- DeRae Ohmie -

Fantastic job putting that all together. Very professional job. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy it.
- Tracy Hanks -

It was awesome!
- Dori Grange -

Very impressive! I'm so glad I was there and able to attend such a wonderful event.
  Everyone who participated was awesome!
- Judi Rosa -

It was one of the best musical experiences of my life.
- Brad Dahl -

I think this will be the most memorable event we have done together as a group and family of musicians.
- Matt Wilson -

It restores my faith in the local scene... and our ability to work together!!
- Jeddie Duffey -

Such a positive experience. The camaraderie we shared with not only very talented people,
  but just choice human beings. That was one of those events that was so rewarding to be a part of.
  Everything went smoothly. The generosity and good cheer. I wish every show had this kind of karma.
  I'm looking forward to next year, and I welcome any opportunity to perform with any of you, my friends.
- Peter Van Horn -

After months of stress and hard work, it turned out to be the best show I have ever been involved in.
Thanks to everyone who made it happen, and everyone who came out and supported it.
- Mike Thiriot -

Agreed! I am speechless. I couldn't have imagined what happened. We couldn't
  have planned what came to be, most of which was brought about by the holiday
  spirit and the reception to the awesome performances. We couldn't have done it
  without everyones contribution, even the audience's participation. Thank you all!
- Troy Fillmore -

An unforgettable night!
- Dan Smith -